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3DECO is a Canadian manufacturer of 3D gypsum accent wall panels. We manufacture 3D accent walls in Quebec, Canada using only natural, sustainable materials produced in North America.

The high quality of products in combination with natural ecological materials ensures our advantage in the market.

We are looking for trade partners (designers, distributors, contractors) to ensure that our product is available to everyone.

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Discover the third dimension of wall design

Welcome to the world of 3DECO, the world of bright interior design and incredible realizations of your ideas!

The 3DECO company brings to your attention an exclusive solution for interior design – 3D gypsum (plaster) accent wall panels.

3D gypsum (plaster) accent wall panels are volumetric panels that work in multiple pieces to create a solid, continuous sculptural wall
This approach opens a third dimension in the field of interior design, which was previously limited to the use of flat, cold surfaces. The wealth of colors and textures used in environmentally friendly gypsum (plaster) 3D panels allows you to implement any architectural tasks and creative ideas in the design of various premises.

Wall panels from 3DECO are created using natural, ecological materials, which ensures durability and safety.

Our technology of adding natural, ecological fillers allows you to get light but strong panels, which facilitates their installation and reduces the load on the wall structure. In addition, as a result, our panels have increased sound, vibration and thermal insulation.

Gypsum (Plaster) is an environmentally friendly natural substance that naturally regulates indoor humidity. These gypsum (plaster) panels are able to absorb excess moisture and release it in a dry room, allowing the walls to “breathe”, thereby maintaining an optimal microclimate that is beneficial for health.

Here are some additional benefits of using our Canadian-made panels:
Flawless aesthetics: the range of designs is practically limitless, limited only by creativity.
Versatility: the use of 3D panels is wide. They can be used to segment space or decorate furniture facades. Experienced designers use them as an elegant background for other impressive interior elements.

Easy installation: the panels are easily glued with glue. If necessary, you can use our installation services.

Sound and vibration insulation: our panels are not only a great decorative element, they also offer excellent sound and vibration insulation.

Ease of maintenance: it is easy to care for the panels – it is enough to quickly wipe them with a dry or wet cloth, and if necessary, they can be used with a vacuum cleaner.

Environmentally friendly: our technologies allow us to create panels with a variety of patterns from simple to complex, always using environmentally friendly materials.
3DECO, a Canadian manufacturer, offers customers a variety of stylistic and decorative options for price decoration panels.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation conditions to designers, distributors and contractors.

Your walls have potential – unlock it!